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VicSouth Desert Spring Star Party


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Ian and Paul watch Mark put it all together; they could have offered some help!
Linda does all the heavy lifting with the Dob, whilst Darren struggles with those enormous binoculars.
Mark said he had a big one, but how could anyone guess it was 14 inches?
Earth does not only look blue from space.
"...and I have this sneaking suspicion that I've also left something at home!"
Valley Of The Dobs.
Minimalist viewpoint.
View from the lake. All so tranquil in daylight for they only come out at night!
The locals recommend the food at the Little Desert Nature Lodge.
Tim uses big binoculars to check out some chicks...in a bird's nest.
Phil explains why he needs the same amount of electricity as used by the whole of Nhill.
Russell's scope has all the modern attachments, including a microwave oven near the end.
solar telescopeThere's always someone who likes observing in H-alpha light while wearing sunscreen.

A very public proposal, so it would have been embarrassing if she had said no!

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