the Lodge

VicSouth Desert Spring Star Party


Nearly 100 people came to VicSouth 2005 and many stayed for all three nights. Friday night was totally clear for the public session (and afterwards), enabling 150+ visitors to view the night sky through dozens of telescopes. Saturday night was also clear -- except for one inconsiderate jet pilot who put a contrail over us at sunset! Sunday night was clouded out, enabling everyone to watch the movie and have an early bedtime before their long drive home on Monday.

Sky and Space

A three page pictorial of VicSouth 2005 appeared in the January 2006 Sky and Space magazine; and they have sent us a downloadable copy of the article. Thanks guys.

And now some pictures (reduced in size to speed up your download time) by Perry Vlahos, with commentary by the webmaster.. ;-)

*Part of the main lawn at the Lodge -- before we infested it with telescopes and astronomers!

*Another tranquil scene near the Lodge....

*and then the astronomers came....

*with some little telescopes,...


*some not-so-little telescopes,...


*and some expensive telescopes.

*Plus lots of pairs of binoculars.

*During the day some of us met the Lodge residents,...

*...including their renowned Malleefowls.

*Some of us also had a look at the sun in hydrogen-alpha light,...

*most of us went to the workshops and the swap meet,

*and a few of us processed our previous night's observations
(click on the picture to get a larger version in a new window).

*The finalists in the unofficial Who Needs To Dress Well When I'm Wearing These Cool Sunglasses? Contest.

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