the Lodge

VicSouth Desert Spring Star Party


This very first VicSouth was organised at short notice so the astronomers were vastly outnumbered by the Lodge's other guests. Nonetheless, the few of us who did get there were very pleased with the venue and its dark skies, so we decided immediately to (1) make VicSouth an annual event in future, and (2) take over the entire Lodge for each VicSouth and make it even darker on the outside.

the front gate The entrance to Little Desert Nature Lodge.

friday evening Setting up on the Lodge lawn on Friday evening.

crux Crux (upside down) at about 11pm on Saturday night. Canon Powershot A40 on tripod, 15 second exposure, approximately equivalent to the naked-eye view. Centre of Crux is only ~7 degrees above the horizon!

wildflowers Some wildflowers.

meade + emu One of the locals ignoring a telescope... :-)

campground The campground on Sunday afternoon.

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